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SkyWay is an innovative transport system that surpasses all existing ones!

Invest in the transport, which will change the world!

SkyWay Capital

Official Partner of the SkyWay Group of Companies. We are a crowdinvesting platform through which anyone can invest in the development of the SkyWay innovative transport.

Global Transport Investments

Owns the SkyWay's intellectual property worth of $400,867,433,000, on the basis of which, there were issued the company's shares. GTI cooperates only with legal entities. The company was founded in the British Virgin Islands to create the most favorable and attractive conditions for investors. You can check the company's registration at Financial Services Comission BVI - 66D3F76933 (see Certificate of Good Standing).

How does your investment in SkyWay work?

Anyone can invest
SkyWay is funded using a crowdinvesting model: this implies the possibility of investing in small amounts. Therefore, everyone can make a contribution to the development of the project. We open for you the opportunity to enter the global project and become a co-owner of the unique technology of the innovative transport. With the successful implementation of the SkyWay project, you can receive dividends according to the number of your company shares.

High Discount
Now SkyWay shares are subject to discounts which are dozens of times higher than the shares' face value, according to an independent assessment Currently, the SkyWay shares can be obtained at the discount of up to dozens of times of their nominal potential value, acccording to an independent assessment. With each development stage, the discount becomes less.

Share in a Large Corporation
You can become a co-owner of the largest transport corporation of the XXI century. By investing now, you become a co-owner of all the technology and after its successful implementation, you will be able to receive dividends from each project. After the 15th stage, this option will not be available.

Nature conservation
By contributing to the development of the SkyWay technology now, you are helping to preserve the ecology of the planet for yourself and future generations.

SkyWay Capital Partner Program

Effective tools
Use our landings to attract new investors and track the statistics of your work in your personal office. Our website, social media pages and presentation materials will help you work more effectively.

Professional training
Highly effective trainings and team workshops will allow you to become a master in what you do, you will learn how effectively manage your business and build successful relationships in your team. The best speakers will share the secrets of success with you.

Valuable experience
Attracting investment in the SkyWay project, you become the engine of global technological progress. You are involved in the development of the new breakthrough transport technology, which is in demand around the world. This is a great undertaking that is really nice to do.

Speakers' help
We regularly hold webinars and offline meetings, to which you can invite potential investors for them to get to know all the details about the project.